MOUNTAIN READY WORK OUT – cardio full body set

MOUNTAIN READY WORK OUT – cardio full body set

I’ve teamed up with SkiBro to provide the first in a series of exercises, which can easily be done in the comfort of your own home, just click on the link above to see episode 1.

This workout is designed to take no longer than 30 mins, so there is no excuses not to fit it in!  It designed to get your heart rate up and work all the major muscle groups used in skiing/snowboarding.  Try and complete the whole set and repeat it continuously 4-6 times.  If you are not sure of fitness levels, or need to work up allow a 30 second rest between each set, and start off with 2 or 3 rounds until you can complete 6.  The exercises here are all round great for all types of sport and general fitness, so get involved!

Getting yourself ready and in shape for your ski holiday means you can not only enjoy your skiing more, but also get less fatigued, help reduce likelihood of injury, and all in all stay out on the slopes longer!

Get ready to get started, get sweaty and get strong!!

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