HITT cardio ski/snowboard workout

HITT cardio ski/snowboard workout

This can be done  in the suggested format: 4 minutes work, followed by 1 minute rest.  Repeated 3 -5 times.  8 exercises consisting on 30secs high intensity/30 secs of ‘active recovery’.  This is designed to mimic the intensity of an average ski run.

Alternately this cardio set can replace the previous cardio set in the last 3 phase workout.  Preparation is key!

Post-holiday, pre-ski Cardio HIIT workout

Feeling a bit sluggish after too much turkey and Christmas cheer over the holidays? Need to get in shape for skiing? Well, you're in luck amigos – our friend and your favourite Jo Pollard – Physio is back with a high-intensity cardio workout designed to put the pep back in your step. This workout can be done on it's own, or as the cardio section of a three-phase mountain workout by adding core and balance sections as seen in Jo's last workout video.Once your HIIT game is on point, head over to SkiBro to find your ideal ski instructor, school or guide and book online in just a few clicks.

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