5 Top Tips what to look for when looking for a Physio

5 Top Tips what to look for when looking for a Physio


Sounds simple, but you may be surprised the number of people working without the proper qualifications and registration with the relevant legal governing bodies.  In France, where you ever you are, you can perform a search on the  http://www.ordremk.fr/ – follow the trouver mon kinésithérapeute, to find registered physios.  The UK has the hcpc with a similar register of physios in the Uk:  https://www.hcpc-uk.org/check-the-register/



Any physio that is fully registered will also be fully insured.  Having completed 9 seasons in Val, I have dealt with many insurance companies and can fully support anyone going through the process.  I am also the only British physio within resort who is able to accept people who are on the french system (with carte vitales), and can claim treatment costs back.  Shoot me a line if you want to know more (physio@jopollardphysio.com or 0033669776112)



While all physios undergo a degree in physiotherapy, time and exposure to certain injuries helps build in-depth knowledge in that area.  Having qualified in 2007 I have been lucky enough to work in all ‘core’ areas of physio, but have chosen to follow my passion in skiing and snowboarding and been fortunate to work with international teams.  My experience from many ski seasons and international work, I am confident I can help with all injuries, and fitness queries to get you back on the slopes as quickly and safely as possible.



You may have had a certain treatment in the past that works well for you.  Or you may never had physio before.  Either way, finding someone with experience and an array of ‘tools’ can benefit you and your treatment.  Over the years I have had added many qualifications to my physio skills -here are a few of the main ones: spinal manipulation techniques, dry needling, sports massage diploma, myofascial K taping, pilates, yoga for physiotherapists, strength and conditioning.  I often use a combination of treatments (including compex) to and strength and conditioning advice to optimise rehab.


This is a pretty obvious one, but it is much better to touch base with a physio as soon as possible – even if it is just to enquire how they can help.  I will always endeavour to see anyone as soon as possible, especially if it means they can get an extra few hours on the slopes.  My cabinet is located easily within Val (see contact for directions), and I can also make visits out to chalets – especially if any injury means you are immobile.


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