Ski and bike fit analysis

The laws of mechanics can be applied in the sporting context and human movement to gain a more in depth understanding of athletic performance and may help with injury prevention.  Within sports or in some instances everyday tasks, biomechanics can be seen as understanding the actions of the muscle, joint and skeletal actions of the body in any given task or skill.

Ever wondered why no matter how much you practice those short turns, or work on your strength and stamina you still get fatigued in powder?  Perhaps it’s down to biomechanics and poor movement patterns. Both acute and chronic injuries can cause pain and altered movement patterns

Over the years Jo has developed assessment techniques, combined with BASI training in ski and snowboarding to help identify weakness that maybe affecting your technique whilst on the hill.

If its your summer cycling and running hobbies Jo has completed courses in biomechanics of running and bike fit analysis, which combined with her physiotherapy techniques to help put a programme together to achieve your goals.

Pisteurs, Val D’lsere